Publisher Solutions

Monetize more visitors — and revolutionize your revenue

Only 5% of the visitors to your site actually book — and that means that fully 95% of the effort and expense of attracting visitors is entirely wasted.

Our Publisher Solutions, powered by our SmarterAds platform, allow you to monetize this 95% and grow your revenue, all with minimal effort, ongoing support, and continual optimization.

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Give them what they want, and watch your revenue grow

Your core business is sacred, and we don't get in the way of your transactions. But 95% of your visitors are comparison shopping — so we help you benefit from making it easy for them to do it.

By presenting your lookers with comparison shopping on your site, you earn incremental revenue for the searching they'd already be doing elsewhere. And our dynamic auction ensures advertiser line-ups that will maximize the value of the placement.

Customizable solutions to suit every need

We have a wide and constantly growing array of solutions that we customize to your site and your business goals. Here's a small sampling of what we have to offer:


This ad unit is a prominent comparison search opportunity — and post-session revenue driver — for visitors who have exited your site.


This ad unit features pricing for hotels to compare with your price, proving your value with but also allowing them to comparison shop.


This ad unit features an opportunity for your visitor to perform a comparison shopping search while reviewing your offerings.

Our experience is your advantage

We're not just a solution provider; everything that we offer publishers was first built, and then improved, to grow our own portfolio of sites into an industry-leading travel company.

We understand the unique challenges of the online travel space, and we're continually testing and optimizing solutions to make them better and more effective. And when it comes to every new idea we explore, rest assured: Our own sites do the testing, so that yours reaps the success.

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