Advertising Solutions


Trying to attract high-quality traveler traffic is more challenging than ever. Our advertiser solutions cut through the confusion to give you a variety of targeted, easily trackable ad placements that let you reach travelers in each phase of the booking cycle.

SmarterTravel maintains a portfolio of 12 media and ecommerce travel sites that are industry-recognized leaders and that see unique visits in the millions each month. Our advertiser solutions are customized to your needs, allowing you to advertise across some or all of our sites.

Mobile Ads

Our sites are optimized for mobile viewing, and we’ve also optimized how our advertisers’ placements display for best possible results.

IAB Placements

These display ads, in standard IAB sizes, allow you to get your message in front of a highly qualified travel audience while they search for deals or surf for inspiration.

Custom Content

Our flexible custom content options include advertorials and slideshows, allowing you to attract and engage a visitor with your unique message and/or images.

High Impact

From extra large banners to video placements, these display opportunities let you reach your target audience and make a powerful impression.

Email Remarketing

Use email to reach visitors who leave your site—even if they're not your subscribers—with our proprietary email remarketing program.

Email Display Ads

Place display ads in our popular newsletters to attract subscribers’ attention while they’re browsing content and/or deals.

Dedicated Newsletters

Capture the attention of our highly engaged subscribers with an email send dedicated solely to your message.

Tabbed Placements

Our advertiser auction works on a three tier model that ensures you’re paying the right price for the right kind of traffic for you.

An experienced partner for your growth

We're not just an advertising network - we're advertisers ourselves, and we understand the importance of tracking, metrics, ROI, and quality traffic to building and growing a travel business. We put our 17+ years of experience in the online travel business to work for each partner to ensure the best possible results of your campaigns.

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