Unraveling the Vast & Complex Traveler Journey

Cara Sweeney

Every user’s journey is unique, but travelers have one thing in common: they’re exploring multiple websites before booking. In fact, the average user visits travel sites 38 times before they book a trip,[1] creating more than 500 different paths for booking travel. And each individual user may have different paths based on different trip types. It’s no longer enough to know a user’s name or gender.

Your Opportunity
According to Euromonitor International, some 44 percent of travel sales and bookings are expected to occur online through either desktop or mobile during the next five years.[2] That’s four times more than retail and nearly five times as much as restaurants and dining. If the trend continues, by 2020 the travel industry will have the highest percentage of online payments in relation to all sales than any other industry on Earth.

 What It Takes to Succeed

According to the U.S. Travel Association, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers was nearing $700 billion in 2016.[3] To tap into this opportunity, you need more than expert knowledge in the travel space. You need access to propriety data from the world’s top travel sites that will allow you to gain deep insight into your users’ habits. Armed with this information, you can more effectively personalize your experience and attract your share of the 180 million people visiting online travel sites each month.[4]

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