Culture & Code: The SmarterAds Team

Cara Sweeney

At SmarterAds, our team is made up of experts from a variety of fields. It’s what allows us to tackle problems from multiple angles—and it’s what allows us to excel in the travel space. Data scientists, engineers, account managers: it’s the goal of every team member to help you monetize and get more people out exploring the world.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists are constantly examining travel behavior, looking for ways we can target users based on previous travel activity. By creating algorithms and features to better understand consumers, we can provide travelers the information they’re looking for, before they even know they’re looking for it.


Our engineers build and optimize our 12 travel websites, reaching nearly 20 million unique visitors every month. Why does this matter? Because they test, iterate, learn, and optimize all our products on our sites first. When you use our products, they’re ready to make you money. We don’t stop there, though. We continue to create roadmaps for A/B tests and to find ways to enhance products.

Account Managers

Our account management team provides you with dedicated support and optimization. You receive 24/7 monitoring and alerts, allowing you to make adjustments at any point to best reach your business goals. Customized reporting provides transparent insight into performance, while daily manual QA and hourly automated QA keeps things running smoothly around the clock.

Contact our team and see how we can provide you with personalized support to meet your goals.