6 Keys to Understanding the Online Travel Consumer and Driving Conversions

Cara Sweeney

Only 5 percent of your site visitors actually book. That’s because customers take hundreds of non-linear paths to choose their destination, research, and book their trip. And travelers are price-comparison shopping more than ever. To survive in today’s online marketplace, it’s essential you find ways to monetize the 95 percent of travelers that aren’t ready to book.

The solution to monetization? Understanding individual consumer intent when they come to your site. When you can unlock this insight, you can personalize communications to help that user at that specific moment for that specific trip.

Our SmarterAds team uncovers this insight by combining our proprietary traveler data with common data points about the user’s search and conversion. With this information, we create our own scoring model that helps us predict, in real-time, whether a user is likely to book, and allows us to strategically target each individual user.

Our report ‘Monetizing the Journey’ dives into six of the key factors of the hundreds that go into our scoring model, giving you an under-the-hood look into how our world-class data can work for you.

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